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Minecraft Capes came from our original Minecraft site Minecraft Skins Pro. It was a natural extension of what we have been building since the beginning of 2011.  Currently capes are not a option in Minecraft but with certain mods they are on certain servers.  We hope that Mojang will open up the ability to have capes for everyone in time.  Because of this, we built this site to hold capes for the servers that do allow for them and the eventual (hopefully) introduction to the full game.  Like our very popular skin apps, we have a creator app for capes coming soon to the App Store.

So long story short, was born.

So we have this website that is 100% user generated content for Minecraft capes.  If you own Cape Creator for Minecraft, you can build capes on your iPad, iPhone or iPod and upload those skins right to this website.  Share your creations with the world and let others use, rate and review your skins! 

iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch):

Minecraft Skins Pro   |   Skins Pro Creator for Minecraft

Interested in who we are and what we do?  Here you go, sporting our current skin we are playing with.  So if you happen to see one of us running around a Minecraft server, make sure you say 'hello'.

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 Minecraft Capes -  A cape directory for the hit indie game Minecraft.
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